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I'm stepping into the role of Dr. Vick, your Age Empowerment Coach, to help you Own Your Age!
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After discovering her passion for stand-up comedy later in life and finding the time and confidence to pursue her dream, Leanne Morgan has cemented herself as a must-watch comedian. 


Leanne was feeling the lure of Hollywood after graduating high school, yet the idea of moving there was unheard of and too daunting for a country girl who had never been away from home. She enrolled in college at The University of Tennessee, where she graduated (by the skin of her teeth) with a degree in Child and Family Studies. 


Shortly after, she married her husband, Chuck, and they moved to Bean Station, Tennessee located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 


To stay busy after having her first baby, Morgan started selling jewelry at home parties. She was supposed to talk about the jewelry but instead conversed about breastfeeding, hemorrhoids and being a mama. The party guests thought that she was hilarious, and before she knew it, she was booked a year in-advance.  


The jewelry company saw what was happening and asked her to speak at their sales rallies. It was there that women started saying, “you need to do stand-up!” That gave Morgan the courage to really go for it! She finally had access to comedy clubs when her family moved to San Antonio in 2001, and her career in comedy quickly officially got underway. 


Morgan’s comedy has landed her at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and has brought her development deals for her own sitcom with ABC and Warner Brothers, writer/producer Matt Williams (Rosanne and Home Improvement), TV Land and with Sony Television. 


Morgan has garnered over 3M followers across social media and her popular online stand-up special, So Yummy, has reached over 50M views on YouTube. Her fan base continues to grow with her relatability as she discusses everything from being a housewife, sharing Jell-O recipes to having a new grandbaby. Morgan has appeared on NewsHour on PBS,  Today Show on NBC, Sherri, The Kelly Clarkson Show, The View, and Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom.


Now that her children are grown, Morgan is moving full steam ahead with a career rooted in her everyday comedy. In December 2022, she concluded The Big Panty Tour with Outback Presents which spanned 100+ shows in theaters across the U.S.  She released her first Netflix special, Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman, on April 11, 2023, to amazing reviews and viewership.  Her special was in the Top 10 on Netflix and is one of the highest watched specials on the platform in 2023.  She will continue this summer on her sold out theater and arena stand up tour called, Just Getting Started, and will next be seen on screen in the Amazon Prime feature, You’re Cordially Invited, starring alongside Will Ferrell and Reese Witherspoon, and directed/written by Nick Stoller.  Her first book, What in the World?, is set to be published by Random House/Convergent in September 2024. Variety named Leanne Morgan one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch for 2023.  Her recent press appearances include on the Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, PBS NewsHour, Sherri, and The Washington Post. 


When not on the road, Leanne cherishes spending time in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband, three children, two grandbabies, and two beagles.